January 27, 2003
from: Nashville Scene/Critic's Picks

"John England and the Western Swingers. A straightforward name for a straightforward band who serve up good-time Western swing without the irony or tongues in cheeks. England and his posse have become staples on the Lower Broadway scene, holding down a regular 6-10 p.m. slot Mondays at Robert's Western World, where they will release their Singing Broadway disc this week. The players are all top-notch country road veterans, and it shows in their snare-tight grooves and superior musicianship, particularly Tommy Hannum's steel guitar work and Enlgland's jazz-inflected picking. england also is a fine singer, just as likely to break into Earl "Fatha" Hines' "Rosetta" as Bob Wills' "Sweet Liza Jane"."