Songs Older Than Pappy


Revisiting the oldies and goodies


For this 2013 release, we took a Western Swing-flavored bite out of Americana with 10 really old songs, and 3 originals that fit in. Garrett Rittenberry (Guerilla Design) took some nice pics & made everything look pretty, and we got even further away from plastic by putting the disc in a 4-panel “eco-pack”.

DIY was the order of the day — John did most of the recording, David and John mixed it, and David mastered it, though we had help from Paul Gannon, Jerry Gowen, Mark Howard, and Dave Martin.

Though we titled the album, “Songs Older than Pappy”, there are 3 originals on it, and “Pecos Bill” dates from the 40s, so those 4 are actually younger than Pappy!


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